If iPhone 6 Plus Bends in Your Pocket, What Happens When You Run it Over?

You’ve probably already heard that Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus has allegedly been bending inside of people’s pockets, so what kind of condition would it be left in after being run over by a BMW? A surprisingly good one, actually — as you’ll see in the video below.
The two-minute clip, courtesy of “TechRax” on YouTube, shows an iPhone 6 Plus being run over by a 5 Series BMW while laying flat on its back. You might expect its glass to break and its sleek aluminum chassis to be even thinner than it was before, but it actually fairs incredibly well indeed.
Tests like this are further evidence that the “bendgate” fiasco is greatly over exaggerated. Despite being made of thin aluminum, the device is obviously much stronger than the countless reports and YouTube videos will have you believe. Nevertheless, we still recommend that you take good care of yours.
Apple says that just 9 people have reported a bent iPhone after 10 million were sold during launch weekend, so it is clearly a rare problem affecting a very small number of people in the grand scheme of things. It certainly shouldn’t affect your buying decision; the iPhone 6 Plus is a fantastic smartphone, and you don’t want to miss out on it just because it may or may not bend.
Besides, if you’re one of the unlucky ones who does encounter problems, Apple will replace your device as long as it passes a visual inspection test.
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