Moto X Unboxing and Hands-On: An Improvement In Every Way

The Moto X was our favorite phone from last year. It offered a slick design, an awesome Moto Maker feature and some really smart software tweaks; it was an Android phone done right, and even though it didn’t possess the latest specs, it won us over with an experience that we have never really seen in mobile.
Now we’re on to version two, and Motorola is promising a more powerful experience all around. The screen is now Full HD, it sports a beefier Snapdragon 801 processor, and the design has been refined. And those software tweaks? They have all been improved upon; Moto Maker, meanwhile, is still present, now with some supremely handsome leather options.
The new Moto X comes with a 5.2-inch screen (up from 4.7 inches), which is flanked by two front-facing speakers on top and bottom. It’s about the size of a Nexus 5, which we feel is in that Goldilocks Zone; it’s not too big, nor is it too small. The trend is obviously swinging up toward bigger phones, so it’s no surprise to see Motorola follow suit. Not only is it taller, but it’s also thinner than the previous model, too, and only weighs in at 5 grams.
There’s also a nice metal surrounding the device, which feels and looks wonderful. It gives the Moto X that premium edge it deserves; combine that with a soft leather, and you have yourself a looker. The only problem we have with the new design is that humungous Motorola logo on the back, which is so, so obnoxious. Last year’s Moto X was more subtle and featured a perfectly placed dimple, but this year’s just looks gaudy.
Also on back is Motorola’s new 13-megapixel camera with an f/2.25 lens, which features a new Ring Flash (it’s basically a dual flash) for more even-toned shots. We have yet to put the camera through it paces, but we’ll be offering much more coverage on the quality in the coming days. When we do, we’ll be sure to offer up some samples of the camera’s 4K video quality; the camera software of the device is still minimal and clean, and the familiar “wrist flick” gesture to easily open the camera is still present.
For all you gear heads, the Moto X now sports some much improved specs, so you can no longer complain the device is severely underpowered. The newest model sports a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor with an Adreno 330 GPU, 2GB of RAM and an incredibly optimized Android 4.4.4 experience. That optimized experience, by the way, is what made the original Moto X such an attractive buy in the first place, as were the timely Android updates; the new Moto X should receive Android L shortly after it’s released.
Over the coming days we’ll be putting the Moto X through its paces, and see how the improved software tweaks enhance the experience. We can tell you that we’re already loving what the Moto X has to offer, and we’ve barely had it in our possession. One thing we can’t wait to try out is programming our own hot word to wake the Moto X up. Rather than “Ok Google Now,” you can say, “Hey McFly!” or whatever you want.
Check out the video for a full unboxing and hands-on, and stay tuned for more Moto X coverage down the road.
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