The full version of Google’s “Sweet Search for L” video has been posted, and it’s even more charming than the teaser. Google already made Android 5.0 Lollipop official, but do you know how the search giant landed on that name? The casting process, according to the video, was fierce, and a lot of potential candidates showed up. Lemon Meringue Pie was really into it, and “L’Oreo” also showed up.
Then out comes Lollipop, not even dressed for the part. Maybe next, next, next time Oreo. There’s a lot to like about Lollipop, including some new security features, battery improvements and Google’s Material Design, which looks awesome. The software isn’t out just yet, but we’re really excited to give it a shot. I mean, just look at all the great dessert names it beat out. Poor Liquorice. Poor Lemon Drop.

Check out the ad for a quick laugh, and stay tuned for more Lollipop coverage.