Jurassic World’ Sneak Peek: Chris Pratt Flirts With Bryce Dallas Howard

Dinosaurs, Chris Pratt, and people getting eaten alive — what more could you ask for in a movie? Well, the brand new ‘Jurassic World’ trailer, released on April 8, actually shows a different side of the film — one in which Chris gets his flirt on. Watch it here!

It didn’t take much to convince us that Jurassic World will be a great movie: take Chris Pratt, 35, add dinosaurs, and boom! We’re in. Every single trailer and teaser that has been released thus far, just made us want to see the movie that much more. And the latest sneak peek, released by MTV on April 8, is no different!

‘Jurassic World’ Sneak Peek: Chris Pratt Flirts With Bryce Dallas Howard

June 12, 2015 — the release date for Jurassic World — can’t get here soon enough. We’re practically dying with anticipation, but until that date comes, we’re holding ourselves over with previews, clips and trailers. Thankfully, a new sneak peek was released on April 8. In the nearly two-minute clip, we see Chris’ character flirting with Bryce Dallas Howard‘s character. She just wants to talk about dinosaurs, but he can’t seem to get their first date out of his head — mainly, because he wants a second. Watch the sneak peek above!
By now, we all know the story — Jurassic Worldtakes place 22 years after 1993’s Jurassic Park. A global corporation gets the park up and running again, but in order to stir up attendance, the park decides to genetically modify a hybrid mutant dinosaur. After the super-dinosaur breaks loose, it’s up to Chris Pratt to stop its bloody rampage.
In addition to Chris and Bryce, the film starsVincent D’OnofrioJake Johnson, and B.D. Wong.

Chris Pratt Sings ‘Jurassic World’ Theme Song, Makes Up Lyrics — Watch

We could pretty much watch Chris Pratt do just about anything — whether it’s flirting or singing musical renditions of famous movie theme songs. The Guardians Of The Galaxy star actually decided to be utterly charming by recently ad-libbing the lyrics to the theme song from Jurassic World. Is there anything he can’t do?

Are you excited for Jurassic World, HollywoodLifers? Are you counting down the days like we are?
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