Is the Galaxy Note 5 S Pen too easy to insert backwards – and get stuck?

One of the many changes Samsung made for this year’s Galaxy Note phablet concerns the handset’s S Pen stylus, and for the Galaxy Note 5 Samsung came up with a design that allows the S Pen to be stowed away flush inside the phone, retrieved by means of a spring-loaded mechanism. The Note 5’s already selling like hotcakes, but as more and more users get their hands on the smartphone, a few a running into a bit of a sticky situation with the redesigned S Pen, getting the stylus stuck in its holder – upside down.
While it seems obvious that the S Pen isn’t intended to be shoved into the Note 5 with its end pointing out, that’s not to say it will never happen. From users getting distracted, to simply acting out of curiosity, there are a number of situations where we can imagine Note 5 owners might end up trying to stow their S Pens the wrong way. And to hear a growing number of reports on user forums, it’s perilously easy for the S Pen to get stuck like that.
Eventually, many users in this predicament have been able to extract their S Pens, but from their posts it sounds like quite the ordeal. Should Samsung have taken physical measures to prevent the S Pen from being inserted the wrong way in the first place, or at least to make it possible to eject a wrong-way-around S Pen without nearly breaking it in the process? Or is this really a non-issue and Note 5 owners just need to keep their wits about them when using the phablet’s stylus?
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